Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a people that will be Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ. Dependable to do the Lord work's. Determined to live Holy and walk upright. Different from the world, able to travel by faith and have charity for all humanity.


Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Dependable to do the Lord's work.


Determined to live Holy and walk upright.


Different from the world, able to travel by faith and have charity for all humanity.

Our Vision

It is God's True Worshippers vision to fulfill the Great Commission that Christ desires for his people. Our fundamental role is to implement discipleship as a way of life. Based on the four integral components of our mission statement; we envision a church a church that extends their love and service beyond the walls of worships, primarily focusing on developing a local and global community that can grow to their fullest potential in Jesus Christ.

We will demonstrate our loyalty to God and our commitment to the body of Christ by good works, a godly walk and faithful stewardship.
We will read, watch and listen to that which provides for our spiritual edification. We will live in a manner so pleasing to God that will inspire trust and confidence from others and manifest that we are God’s True Worshippers Church in the Lord Jesus.
We will give priority to fulfilling family responsibilities, to preserving the sanctity of marriage, and maintaining the divine order order of the home.

We will practice moderation in lawful things and abstinence in things that are offensive or which lead to addiction or enslavement.
We will follow the scriptural principles of modesty through our dress in a manner that will enhance our testimony and will lend credence to our witness.

Our Story

Our Beginning Gods True Worshippers Church in the Lord Jesus of the Apostles Doctrine was established in 2001. At the time, Pastor Irvin E. Bryant had been a pastor for seven of his 23 years at the True Church of God in Christ in Scottdale, GA. Having a desire to move forward with his ministry, Pastor Bryant and a few determined members had their initial services at the Radisson Hotel in Tucker, GA for less than a year. It was a trying time but we endured it with greater love, patience and understanding. When the membership continued to grow, we moved to a new location on Memorial Drive – a location where we stayed for the course of five years. Our Ministry During those years, Pastor Bryant, Elder Jerry Lucas, Minister Wyman Cook, and Minister Tony Smith continued to preach the Apostles Doctrine as well as the importance of self-denial, faithful service, sound judgment and unconditional love. Minister Tony Smith has since departed to start and pastor The Way of God Church of the Lord Jesus in Dekalb County. In the early days, Minister Smith was instrumental in helping our church find a place to worship a gesture in which we will always recognize and appreciate. Later, Elder Cecil Render was made a minister and ordained an elder due in part to his faithfulness to this ministry. As a church, we have benefited from the operation and acceptance of all the gifts in the ministry, past and present.

Loving God. Loving People.


Bishop Irvin E. Bryant, Pastor

The single most important decision I’ve ever made in my life was converting to Holiness. I began to learn my true self when I learned of God’s true way. It all started at home with my father Bishop Greene Bryant Sr.; among others, he has become one of the most inspirational leaders in my life. His ability to convey God’s word with such power and anointing is still talked about to this day. He can captivate an audience within seconds of entering the pulpit. People would come in droves just to hear him speak. Not only is he a preacher, he is a healer, an evangelist and a prophet.

As a prayer warrior, he would call people to the altar, anoint their heads with oil and began to pray a fervent prayer of healing. People bind by diseases of the mind and body would be set free. To see this man in action, you couldn’t help but be awe-stricken. During the time of prophecy, my father would preach a fiery sermon after which, he would close out with a hymn that would literally move you to tears. The audience would be in reflection mode while simultaneously waiting to hear him utter a divinely inspired revelation. Although shaken, they patiently awaited his predictions because they knew from previous experiences, whether sickness or death, when Bishop Bryant spoke it, his prophecy came to past.